Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tiny vampire robot.

I am sure at least one person is wondering what the heck this has to do with tiny vampire robots. The answer is nothing in relation to the outfit but it is relevant to the song I have on repeat in my mind. This song happens to be tiny vampire robot by Margot and the nuclear so and so's! Funny name, honestly I don't know where they got it but the song is great!
And now onto the outfit, I got this dress on sale at JCpenny actually! Normally I never find anything there that I like in the least but this time I got lucky. I am sure as a blogger I loose credit for shopping at a place like that but really who cares? I would rather spend less money on a cute dress that isn't designer. After I got home I realized that this dress matched my oxfords perfectly! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

outfit post: Nature days.

Tank top: forever 21 skirt: papaya  belt: papaya  necklace: etsy  shoes: None! 
 Today I had an awesome idea, make an outfit post with almost all gif images! I may just do more like the last one because really I love the wind effects and I feel like it really makes it seem more real you know?
I also made that really cute flower crown using a tutorial by one of my favorite bloggers, delightfully tacky!

outfit post: bike ride

Shirt: urban outfitters   Jeans: bullhead  beanie: thrifted   jacket: thrifted  boots: doc martens 
Well I look pretty bad in these pictures but I guess its fine.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

outfit post: Feelings.

Hat :2020 ave.  Pants: Target   Shoes: Thrifted   Over shirt: thrifted   Tank top: forever 21

Not my best outfit post but considering how bad I feel today it is pretty good. I think I might be sick, I feel awful but have no temperature. Not to mention I have been pretty darn stressed recently! Oh well, things will always brighten up in time.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Outfit post: Rainy days.

Shirt: Pacsun    Hat: 2020 ave.     Jeans: Bullhead     Heels: Target    Necklace: Etsy

Well I was going to go outside and take some pictures but as soon as I was all ready it started to rain! So my bedroom will have to do for now. I really need to redye my hair but I am not sure if I want to keep the two tone or try to go blonde and put some pastel colors over the blonde.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

outfit post: winter flows

Boots: Doc martens     Skirt: thrifted      Jacket: Target    Scarf: local store    beanie: Thrifted

Outfit post: broadripple is burning

Coat: Tilly's   Jeans: Bullhead jean co.   Scarf: art fair    Bag: Target   shoes: thrifted 

I am crazy about margot and the nuclear so and so's (hence the title). We are having a cold front so it's time to show off my winter clothing, for the next maybe three days, so much spam.
Well in terms of my life, i have been ok. Ups and downs and things but i am basically doing well.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photography project: Strangers

Have you ever seen someone on the street and thought about what their life story might be? Well that was the inspiration for this project. Finding people in public areas, like shops and such and asking them to model for a couple shots showing who they are and how they currently feel in life.Happy, sad, interested in something in particular, just showing those things in the pictures.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

outfit post: New hair and thrift store finds

Shorts: Urban Outfitters   Lace shirt: Thrifted   Green jacket: Thrifted    Beanie: Thrifted  Tank top: Forever 21      Lace leggings: Target     Boots: Doc martens
Today i went to a Sleigh Bells show and i cant get over that i touched Alexis, seriously i love her so much. I was also given a grande when i paid for a tall by the nice guy at starbucks. Earlier today i went thrifting and bought the knit beanie, green jacket and lace over shirt shown. Not show but soon to be is a white beanie, orange/yellow beanie, blue skirt, black pants and boots!
I was sort of in a rush and wanted coffee and to take pictures, i did both.

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