Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pixie witch

So this dress makes me look like I have no curves to my body, Well I will start out now by saying that I actually do have large hips(eleven inches larger then my waist) and I even have breasts, can you believe it? Well anyways, so this dress is great minus it's ability to make me look like a little boy in a dress. It actually made me feel somewhat like a pixie/similar mystical things of great levels of cute. Sorry I have not been posting a lot recently, I am going through a spell of self consciousness and need some change. Expect a lot more posts when I change whatever I will change and I feel, well comfortable. I don't base self conscious off of peoples opinions but actually off of what is in my comfort zone, which is almost a may of prepping you for my next post! All about self consciousness and it's levels of suck. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Superstitious grave robber, keep your hands out of my tea.

Shirt: H&M  Jeans: Thrifted   Boots: Dr.martens
I look pretty bad in that top picture don't I? Oh well I suppose it isn't all too bad considering the clothes are the main point of the post.
I got new boots! I am not so sure if I like the white, it makes it look like they aren't Dr. martens even though they are.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dusty library.

You know how I dyed my hair red? well that is fading fast. It have been a little over a week and it is already almost a light brown color. So in about a month I am going to redye it with the most unnaturally red red I can buy because last time I did that it faded to a great natural red color. I also bought red doc martens, I can't wait to get them in the mail!
Song of the day: French navy by Camera Obsurca

Monday, March 12, 2012

How to make a gif!

How to make a gif file 
I have seen a lot of people asking around for ways to make a gif, I am sure there are many many other ways and this may not be your favorite option but this is how I make gifs. 
Step one: Download a program titled "photoscape" it is free and completely safe, make sure you get the newest version. This is an over all photo editing program, not just a gif maker so feel free to try out it's other features also! 
Step Two: Pick out your images. There are two ways to do this, one that looks like it is a video clip/ in motion(example 1) or just a couple of different images that flash one after the other.(example 2) 
Example 1

Example 2

Alright so to start off, I will teach you a bit about how to do something like example one. You want to start your gif making at your picture taking! Use a motion setting(fast shutter speed) on your camera and set it to take  multiple pictures. While it is taking picture do whatever motion it is you want a gif of, like in my example I just started to take a step as soon as I heard the first click and the just continued my step(well you know,like anyone would). Now open up photoscape and go to the gif maker. Drag and drop the images in the order they happened, for a more in motion effect make each frame last a shorter amount of time.

For a gif like example 2 all you need to do is open the gif maker on photoscape and drag the images in the order you please! 

Things to keep in mine: Gif images often don't work on different sites. If the gif is too large of a size it won't work on most websites(especially tumblr) so make sure not to add too many images or make the width/length too large. Don't make gif images too fast, they can be very annoying to some if the speed is too much to handle! 

A change

Ok guys, this is no longer going to be a fashion blog. It is a blog. A blog of awesome everything. I will of course post my outfits and things but from now on it will also include different stuff! woo! So now what will begin to show up for the people following this blog, art, music, life tips, style, ideas and the awesome random things I can find while living in a very boring suburb with internet access.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Outfit post: Danger, danger!

Dress: thrifted  Shoes: Target  Bag: Target    Necklace: Local shop

I am sure some of you are wondering what the danger is here. Well I will tell you, I had no tripod! My camera was sitting on the rocks! I know it is a bad idea to do things like that but I will tell you that I was very careful. I loved this outfit and really liked the idea of taking some pictures down by the shore so I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by. So along with the chance of  my camera falling, me tripping and my dress coming up in the wind I think this will go down in history as my most dangerous outfit post!
But in other news, I am on spring break! I have been very productive, mainly in the artistic aspects of my life and not so much the social. So today I went downtown and got some coffee, I brought along my best friends which are a sketch book, art supplies, a book, my ipod and a camera! Call me queen of the recluse lifestyle. I had a great time though! I really don't mind being alone all too much. 
I think will every outfit post from now on I will include a song of the day, starting now!
Song of the day: last living rose by PJ Harvey

Phototgraphy work

I wanted to share some of my recent photography work with you guys!
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

outfit post: Red hair and sporadic photo shoots!

Dress: thrifted   Shoes: Target

So I dyed my hair red! I haven't been a ginger in years and I was missing it, it the funnest natural hair color there is! My friend Dinah took these pictures and I must say I love them, but they don't show my outfit all too well! It is spring break so odds are I will be posting a lot more then I normally would, I am not exactly the worlds most social girl honestly. I am much more of a wallflower.

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