Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pixie witch

So this dress makes me look like I have no curves to my body, Well I will start out now by saying that I actually do have large hips(eleven inches larger then my waist) and I even have breasts, can you believe it? Well anyways, so this dress is great minus it's ability to make me look like a little boy in a dress. It actually made me feel somewhat like a pixie/similar mystical things of great levels of cute. Sorry I have not been posting a lot recently, I am going through a spell of self consciousness and need some change. Expect a lot more posts when I change whatever I will change and I feel, well comfortable. I don't base self conscious off of peoples opinions but actually off of what is in my comfort zone, which is almost a may of prepping you for my next post! All about self consciousness and it's levels of suck. 

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  1. i love that dress! and your hair is cool :)


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