Sunday, May 20, 2012

This was last minute.

Top: thrifted  Skirt: beach couture  Shoes: Doc Martens Necklace: DIY
This outfit post was really last minute as you can tell by the setting sun. Ok fine, I mildly planned it to be that late but I expected to get home a bit too late for it too look this nice but I guess not. I spent yesterday in the local "this town is for art and old people and you know it" place (your town/area probably has one too, don't lie). I got some tips from this man in an art gallery about promoting my art and once I feel like my products are good enough I will go forth and try his ideas! 
On another note I am at a syle cross road, what the fuck am I going to do with my hair. My ideas were to stay purple(and redye it) or to go white. And by white I mean white, not blonde. The only problem is that white hair would take a lot of products which means a lot of money. Purple would cost less but needs to be redone often. Oh well... Well will see I guess...
And lastly, the point of this post! The clothes. So I got this skirt some time ago but have not worn it very much because I can't seem to style it very well. Also I have noticed that hi-low skirts make your legs look very large which I surly do not enjoy. I made that necklace as well, fake bullets with small crystals? I think yes.
Song of the day: Vanessa by Grimes.

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  1. Lovely lovely outfit, really like the skirt! Ah I was just about to put Vanessa on :o can't stop listening to Grimes! Following your blog now :)


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