Friday, June 1, 2012

The best thing in the universe
A review.

So here is how this works, from this point forward I will do reviews of products, movies, ect. that I really like. They will be fun and incredible and things to keep you busy during the upcoming weekend. 
Today we review a video game that i can get stuck at and not feel like I have failed some sort of indirect combat training, Limbo!
No, I do not mean the flexibility challenge that haunts our house parties. I mean The beautiful monochrome joy of a mind work out that is the game Limbo.
Here is an idea of its beauty, which can not easily be captured in a single picture. 
The game gives no dialog or data on the story or on this small child(who is adorable by the way) that you are playing as. Wondering through this after-life sort of world that is completely black and white you face many traps and obstacles that take a tremendous amount of brain power to work through. 
The game over all can get frustrating because the puzzles are not always easy and are often very hard but for anyone who does check this out, keep in mind that if it looks like it can help you it probably can. While playing limbo I would notice small odd things and thing "oh that is weird and probably useless" but after getting through the first few puzzles I realized that all things will tend to be useful, so think outside of the box.
Lovely yet haunting art plus no dialog or music and a lot of thought? Simply put it is wonderful.The game is also one $10 on the website. $10 for the best thing in the universe? what do you think you are doing?! Go, buy it! And enjoy it!

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