Monday, June 18, 2012


Dress: Romwe  Shoes: Ebay  Headphones: Skull candy
This is an outfit full of favorites and new things! These shoes and this dress quickly made my favorites list along with my favorite(and only) headphones, 
This fabric is amazingly pretty isn't it? I can not get over it. It is my favorite item of all of the ones I have seen from Romwe. I literally stalked this for a weeks until it came back in stock! 
These shoes are very nice as well, I mean come on look at the wings! I also changed my hair to pink(yes because I ran out of purple dye) The good thing is that I have a ton of left over pink and I can keep this color and not have to worry about running out for a while.
I also was out of town for a week, I went to Georgia! I learned some things during my trip: Huddle House is a horrible restaurant(not even worth the capital letters I gave the name), Six Flags needs to work on making more quality rides, Mountains are beautiful and that Florida is way too hot.
Todays tunes: Sweet and Tender hooligan - The Smiths

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