Monday, January 23, 2012

New hat!

I got this hat from urban outfitters and i just love it! The sad thing is that it is really hot here in Florida so i wont get to wear it much at all this year. Luckily the pictures make it look like this state actually has seasons! I recently read the book Will Grayson, Will Grayson and i seriously recommend that everyone who sees this reads it! I got on an elevator in a five story building and pressed all of the buttons so that i could just read a little longer, im also slightly crazy but you know its still a great book!


  1. such a cute hat! i love urban outfitters and i've been looking for some chunky combat boots like yours for a while. i definitely sympathize with your dilemma -- i'm from miami and theres the smallest time in the year when i'm able to wear my favorite winter clothes! cool blog, i'm following you =)

    xoxo - christina

    1. Thanks! The boots are doc martens, they aren't cheap but they are great quality! I got mine second hand so you can try eBay. Oh man do i hate Florida weather but i guess it is nice sometimes.
      Thanks! Your blog is really rad, certainly a good way to keep up with newer trends. followed :)


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