Monday, January 30, 2012

outfit post: nature trials

Today i realized that my friend had left her hat at my house, well i saw this as a chance to take some pictures with it! No need to worry, i have permission and all that. I guess in terms of life updates i have been a bit stressed recently, i suppose it would be considered depression by some. I just feel lonely, i mean everyone does but it just doesn't seem to fade for me. For now the friends i do have are the think keeping me up these days but soon to be out of school i really need to cheer myself up. I am going for creative alternatives to sadness and with my photography, digital art and graphic design it has been pretty nice! Soon i will also be trying out more crafts!
And about the outfit, will I love this shoirt but it doenst look all that good with something under it so i thought "Why not just expose my stomach for once?" I may never do that again, cherish these pictures guys!
Shirt: pacsun    Jeans: Bulhead     Shoes: Vans oxfords.

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