Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ferris wheel

Shirt: Romwe    Skirt: Romwe    Boots: Target    earrings: Made by me.

I have been waiting for these to come in the mail for so long and the other day they finally got here! I was so thrilled. I also redyed my hair with my last little tad of blue dye (sadly.. no more blue after this). 
Over all things are pretty well, nothing super crazy. I start college on Tuesday and I am currently working on a painting that I am very fond of! Plenty of photo shoot plans as well! for my art stuff you can check out Ollieverse on Tumblr or facebook and
I think I may have finally discovered where I got the lovely crystal necklace shown, MOSI! Yep, the museum of science and industry gift shop has some, almost the same. I think when I was younger I might have gotten it there.
Also, I go to Miami on Saturday for the Rookie meetup! It will be so lovely and I will take and post PLENTY of photos.
Also, I have been researching abandoned theme parks for the last few weeks, I am really into it. The song of the day sort of reminds me of carnivals(for no real good reason) Hope you enjoy it.
Song of the day: Naomi by Neutral Milk Hotel.

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