Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lovely sunlight and a broken tripod.

Ok, this post too a lot of effort. I did some of the pictures one day and some on another day. My tripod is broken, which makes it lower to the ground and that makes me look sort of horrible in these but oh well. This outfit (minus the jacket) is something I wear all the time, I am surprised I haven't posted about it yet! 

Now onto my favorite part of this and the only reason I put so much effort into a single post, the jacket! I got the idea from Rookiemag. They constantly have these great collage jackets in their little photo sets and I love them so much. I decided to use a thrift store jacket and old shirts to make my own version of those super rad jackets. I really like the way it came out honestly! I am planning to add a couple other things to it but after the time it took to hand sew on all those patches I wanted a break haha.

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