Friday, August 31, 2012

(and Miami)

 This is the street on the way there at 5 in the morning.
 This is probably my favorite picture form the abandoned stadium we went to before the meetup!

My friend Marina, her boyfriend and I road tripped to Miami recently! We did this mainly for the reader started and put together Rookie meetup. It was an incredible trip! Our first stop was my first reword for my  hours of research into abandoned places (Which I really really love). This jewel was perfect for photos and just general sight seeing, it was totally covered in graffiti(as you can see) but in real life it is ever more impressive honestly.
Then later that day we went to a really weird downtown Starbucks(everyone thought we looked silly in our dresses) and then to the meetup! I will eventually share a picture of the cute flower crown I made at the meetup and well Marina and her boyfriend made that hell of a cute balloon friend you see there. After that we went to sweat records, a vegan cafe/record store. That is where that cool eyeball mural is! I had a weird cheesecake(sort of cheesecake?) and bought a Neutral Milk Hotel record. I mean fucking On Avery Island, how could I not buy it? 
Over all the trip was amazing! I loved all the ladies there, super rad chicks(and their boyfriends were cool too). The film photos were taken by one of the girls there actually! here is her blog:

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