Monday, September 10, 2012

A couple ways to combat a sucky day.

No one likes bad days and if you do then I am not sure whether to praise you or be concerned. 
Here are a way simple things that may help combat the amount of world suck (Thank you nerfighteria) you have crossed paths with today.

1. Anything but think about it.
No seriously, do anything to cheer yourself up while taking your attention off of the problem(s) at hand. Do something creative maybe or listen to really silly pop music and laugh at how terrible it is. Having a really average happy conversation or hanging out with a friend is always helpful too.

2. Take a walk or bike ride in a pretty place.
This is surprisingly helpful really. Just think of your favorite place and go there. Drive, walk, ride whatever you want. Just admire that place and the good points of it. I normally go to parks or the beach at night for this sort of stuff, but everyone has there idea of a nice place.

3. Literally swing-sets.
By this point you are probably certain I am a crazy person but no, I am so serious. Just go to a park and swing on a swingset, listen to some music if you want as well. The action of doing so takes motion and some amount of concentration which will help keep your mind clear, it is also fun as shit. Just give it a try, it may be less crazy then.

4. Have a solo mini punk festival.
Play some loud music, something aggressive. It can be anything you want, for this I always go to Nirvana but hell screamo fans will love this step. Head-bang,  dance like an idiot, sing along(or yell along) until it just becomes fun. It totally works, I promise.

5. Be creative.
As I said in the first tip, create something! This works really well, maybe better then any of the other steps. Just get creative in any way, write a story, draw something, learn a song on some instrument, learn to play an instrument in the first place, file some legal paper, ANYTHING! Just create and do something and by the time you are done you should at least fell a bit better, if not ready to kick today's ass.

Well I hope my little tips will help some of you on your worst of the worst days. Have a lovely day everyone!

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