Saturday, September 22, 2012


Skirt: Handmade by me  Shoes: Vans sophies Jacket: Thrift store
Well, I have been super busy with college. So busy that I brought my drawing board(22 by 26 inches) to the coffee shop so I would not get distracted by my computer at home. I need to have all of my midterm stuff ready early because I am leaving for a week to go to Indian! I am so excited for the trip, I even spent $30 on polaroid film so I can take some really lovely photos while I am there. I also am so stocked just for the plane ride. My love for airplanes is ridiculous, when I am older all I could hope for is to have access to a small personal plane. But well, that is not extremely likely I suppose.
I also intend to do a tone of work on my strangers project.(You don't know about it?! Well find out here,
Anyways, I will have plenty of things to post about when I get back. Goodbye for now!
Song of the day: Airport Disco by Athlete 

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